//Resurfacing of the glans penis
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Resurfacing of the glans penis.

Enzo Palminteri, Elisa Berdondini.

AUA (American Urological Association)

Center for Reconstructive Urethral and Genitalia Surgery, Arezzo, Italy


The Video describes the technique of the glans skinning and resurfacing.
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Materials and Methods
Severe Zoon balanitis with impediment to the sexual activity in patient 59 years old. funny pictures
Phase of glans skinning:  the glans is divided in 2 hemispheric marked areas. Circumcision and degloving. Starting around the meatus, we find the dissection plane between epithelium and glans spongiosum: glans epithelium is removed until the corona. The prepuce is sutured under the sulcus. funny images
Phase of the glans resurfacing: a split thickness skin graft is harvested from the thigh by dermatome and transplanted like an umbrella-shape on the bed of the stripped glans. The graft is quilted over the glans with 6-0 interrupted stitches. Stitches to fix the graft to the prepuce and to recreate the sulcus. The graft is fixed to the meatal mucosa. The skin is tailored to create the original glandular shape.

After 6 months, the glandular aesthetic aspect is satisfied. The chronic inflammation and pain are vanished and the patient recovered the sexual activity.

In selected cases of benign, premalignant or malignant glandular lesions, the glans resurfacing represents an organ-sparing surgery that assures normal and functional appearing penis.

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